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RPG-32 Hashim plant due to be opened in Jordan in May 2012 – official.

MOSCOW, December 15 (Itar-Tass) — A plant for producing the RPG-32 Hashim grenade-launchers is scheduled to be opened in Jordan in May 2012, director-general of the Bazalt manufacturing company Alexander Rybas told ARMS-Tass on Thursday.

Rybas did not elaborate. He only said the annual power capacity reached 60,000 grenade-launchers.

Rosoboronexport signed a contract with Jordan to make technical contribution and organise an assembly building to produce the Hashim grenade-launcher by Russian components in April 2010.

The RPG-32 Hashim grenade-launcher is a Russian- hand anti-tank grenade launcher. The RPG-32 multipurpose grenade launcher was developed between 2005 and 2007 by the Russian state-owned Bazalt manufacturing company at the request and under the contract with Jordan.

The first grenade launchers will be delivered to Jordan from Russia in 2008. The RPG-32 is a modular weapon that inherited proven and successful solutions in design of the weapon and rockets from earlier Russian grenade launchers, and it can be used to successfully engage and destroy a wide variety of battlefield targets, from modern main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers to bunkers, military equipment and troops in defilade or in the open.

After the first RPG-32 Hashim grenade launchers are delivered in 2008, the mass production of RPG-32 and its ammunition are expected to commence in Jordan and Mexico under the license. It will be also manufactured in Argentina for its army and the Marines. In 2010 Russia supplied the RPG-32 grenade launchers to Lebanon.


15 December, 2011

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