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Constructing a New Unit at the Abakan CHP Plant

More than one quarter of EDB’s current portfolio is in the energy sector

Commissioning the new unit at the Abakan CHP Plant helped to create a more flexible, sustainable, and reliable power system in the region which will also cope with emergencies.

Siberian Generating Company Group is the leading producer and supplier of heat and electricity in Siberian Federal Okrug.

The Group operates in Kemerovo Region, Altay and Krasnoyarsk Krais, the Republic of Khakassia and the Republic of Tuva and comprises Kuzbasenergo (TGC-12) and Yenisei TGC-13. It accounts for about 20% of the energy generated by the Siberian interconnected power system.

The Abakan CHP is Khakassia’s largest energy enterprise and the main provider of heat for Abakan, supplying over 80% of residential consumers and the largest enterprises in the city.

In July 2012, EDB agreed a loan to Siberian Generating Company Group (SGC) to finance the turnkey construction of a new unit at the plant. EDB opened a seven-year, non-revolving loan facility of RUB 9 billion for Yenisei TGC-13 (a member of the SGC Group). The overall cost of the new unit is estimated at RUB 10.5 billion. SGC has implemented a large-scale investment programme worth over RUB 80 billion to construct new power facilities.

The investment project was intended to meet growing demand for electricity and improve heating supplies to newly built homes in the region’s capital, Abakan. At the Abakan CHP, a fourth turbine generator and a new steam boiler were installed and the service water and fuel supply systems and electricity generating system upgraded.

The new 120 MW unit, with a steam turbine, a generator and a steam boiler, was commissioned in August 2014. The investment increased the plant’s installed electricity generating capacity by one third to 390 MW.

The project will have a positive effect on the development of industrial and residential infrastructure in the Republic of Khakassia and will contribute to the region’s economic growth and sustainable development.

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