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About the EDB Centre for Integration Studies

Since its establishment in 2011, the EDB Centre for Integration Studies has proved itself as a serious and reliable source of high-quality analytics concerning issues of Eurasian integration. The Centre specializes in quantitative research but also engages in qualitative analysis.

The Centre carries out activities in the following fields:

  • trade, economic and corporate integration, including assessment of the economic effects of the CU and SES;
  • mutual investment and corporate integration;
  • research into fiscal and monetary issues as well as cooperation in the market for financial services;
  • systematic research of Eurasian integration based on the theories of regional and global integration;
  • advancement of the ideas of Eurasian integration; publication of a range of periodicals (a quarterly Journal of Eurasian Integration in Russian, the Eurasian Integration Yearbook), and the hosting of conferences and round tables. 

Over the last three years, in partnership with leading experts, research centres and institutions, the Centre has implemented more than 30 research projects, published  23 reports and three monographs

One of the Centre’s priorities is to create a comprehensive system of econometric modeling in order to quantitatively assess the state and prospects of Eurasian integration. Some of the related projects are being implemented in partnership with the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The Centre’s team is located in St. Petersburg.


191014, Russia, St. Petersburg,
Paradnaya Str., 7
Tel: +7 (812) 320 44 41 (ext.2413)
E-mail: centre@eabr.org

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