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EDB Roundtables and Conferences

As an integral part of its Program for Regional Integration Research, the EDB organises annual Conferences on Eurasian integration. The EDB conferences attract leading experts in the field, young researchers and representatives of public bodies, international organisations, and business community.

XI International Conference on Eurasian Economic Integration, November 11, 2016, Moscow

EDB's conferences have become an effective instrument of communication and information exchange for financial institutions, authorities and businesses in the Bank's member states. Discussions and recommendations made at the conferences help to devise new approaches to the Bank's investment policies. The participants in the conference will include heads and representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission, ministries and authorities, national companies, international financial institutions, academia, businesses, and experts from the Bank's member states and other countries. The conference plans to discuss economic reforms in the Eurasian Economic Union, the work of international development banks in Eurasia, and other aspects of economic integration.

It will include a plenary session and dialogue floors/sections on projects in the power sector, PPP development, EAEU common markets, and other important issues of Eurasian economic integration.

If you are interested in taking part in the conference, please fill in the registration form at http://info.vedomosti.ru/events/register/eabr or contract Natalia Leonova at leonova_np@eabr.org.

This year's conference will also give awards to the winners of the second open journalists' competition Eurasian Integration and Development in the 21st Century. The competition for the best media publication on regional economic integration and sustainable development in the region's countries was announced by the Bank in April 2016. More information about the competition is available at http://www.eabr.org/r/press_center/contest_SMI_2016/.

X International Conference on Eurasian Economic Integration, October 29, 2015, Moscow

On 29 October 2015, Eurasian Development Bank is holding its 10th International Conference on Eurasian Economic Integration in Moscow.

The range of the Conference participants will include senior officials of the Eurasian Economic Commission, ministries and agencies, national companies, representatives of the academia and business community of the Bank’s member states, foreign experts and scientists. They are to discuss strategic areas of cooperation in key sectors of the economy, monetary and financial integration, further deepening of interstate cooperation in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The conference agenda includes a plenary meeting and panel discussions on current issues of infrastructure development, creation of a common financial market and mechanisms, and building the capacity of electricity cross-border trade.

EDB conferences have become an efficient tool of communication and information exchange for representatives of financial institutions, government bodies, and economic agents of the Bank’s member states. The discussions held in the framework of EDB conferences and resulting recommendations facilitate the formation of new approaches to the Bank’s investment policies.

This year, the conference agenda also includes the ceremony of giving awards to winners of the contest ‘Eurasian Integration and Development—21st century’. In April 2015, the Bank announced a contest for the best publication on Eurasian economic integration and sustainable development in mass media. Additional information on the contest, please, see at: http://www.eabr.org/r/press_center/contest_SMI/

The steering committee offers an invitation to participate in the conference. Information on potential participants is to be sent by 15 September 2015 to Gulnara Kuanysheva, chief specialist of the Technical Support Division, e-mail:kuanysheva_gg@eabr.org (phone: +7 (727) 244-4044 ext. 6969).

VI International Conference “Customs Union and EurAsEC’s Common Economic Space: Prospects for Further Integration”, October, 13-14, 2011, Almaty

The participants of the conference will focus on the most important issues such as the summarisation of experiences of economic integration in the EurAsEC and CIS member states; search for new ways of multilateral interaction and cooperation between them; evaluation of prospects for the formation of the Eurasian Common Economic Space (CES); and coordination of anti-crisis measures in the countries of the region.

V EDB Conference on Eurasian Integration, October, 6-7, 2010, Almaty

The 5th EDB international scientific and practical conference on Eurasian integration was held in Almaty in October 2010. The conference addressed issues of economic, financial and industry-level integration of the region’s countries with an emphasis on strategic approaches, anti-crisis measures by post-Soviet states, and prospective integration models for Eurasia. The conference’s programme also included the issues of energy and food security, energy and resources saving, and assessment of the prospects for innovative co-operation between EDB member states.

The participants in this event were scientists and specialists, representatives of international and regional organisations, and the mass media.

IV EDB Conference on Eurasian Integration October, 1-2, 2009, Almaty

This conference organised by the Eurasian Development Bank brings together economists, scientists as well as policymakers with an expertise on integration processes in Eurasia. The key issues for the discussion at the conference include global economy threats and joint programs to address them, energy sector efficiency, integration of transport networks, institutional and financial issues of transborder infrastructure, innovation aspects of integration and trade and investments in agricultural sector.

The agenda of the conference included the workshop «Independent assessment of ecological and energy efficiency of enterprises in Russia and Kazakhstan: methodology, organisation and use of ratings» under the auspices of an independent ecological rating agency from Moscow.

III EDB Conference on Eurasian Integration, October, 15—17, 2008, Almaty

The key issues discussed at the conference included energy sector development and water resources, integration of transport networks, institutional and financial issues of transborder infrastructure. Round table on issues of integration processes measurement and estimation was held within the conference. This conference brought together economists, scientists, experts as well as policymakers with an expertise on integration processes in Eurasia.

Photos could be seen here.

II EDB Regional Integration Round table, May 15—16, 2008, Moscow

«Developing Transborder Infrastructure in Eurasia»

This roundtable has taken an in-depth look at the issues relevant to the development of physical infrastructure in the Eurasian space. It has touched upon the development of the water and energy sectors, common power markets, transport corridors, as well as more general issues of institution-building and financing transborder infrastructure.

Photos could be seen here.

I EDB Regional Integration Round table, October 29—31, 2007, Almaty

«Perspective directions and mechanisms of regional integration in EurAsEC»

Forty experts from five EurAsEC member states, as well as representatives of the EurAsEC and CIS bodies, participated in the first round table. The participants agreed to hold this event on a regular basis.

Photos could be seen here.

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