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Industry research

Proactive informational and research work is being undertaken to support the Bank’s project operations and achieve its strategic task of providing informational and analytical support to integration processes in the member states.

Information about the socioeconomic development of the Bank’s member states, which is necessary to successfully fulfil its mission and strategy, is being collected on a regular basis. This information is used to prepare opinions on projects, researches and publications.

The analytical support to integration processes and the research into various aspects of the economic development of the Bank’s member states result in the preparation of quarterly research magazines, sector reports in Russian and English, The EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook (in English),e-digests about regional integration, monographs, and other publications. To analyse the investment market and explore opportunities and its niche, the Bank collects information about operations of other development banks to preparenews digests about development banks. In addition, a research conference on Eurasian integration is held each year.

"Invisible fuel" - The analysis of opportunities for raising energy efficiency in the industrial sector of the CIS countries. October 2014
Report Summary (200 KB) 

Development Prospects for the Rail Market of the Single Economic Space 
Full version of the Report (3,45 MB)

Enhancing Water Resources Management in CIS Countries: Modern Trends no.19
Full version of the Report (355KB)  

Development Prospects for the Pharmaceutical Market of the Single Economic Space no.18

Improving Energy Efficiency in SES Countries and Ukraine. August 2013. EDB Sector report no.17
Report Summary (37 KB)

Prospects of Commodity Trade Development in SES. May 2013. EDB Report. 

Priorities for Cooperation in Transboundary Basins in Central Asia. Yasinskiy V.A., Mironenkov A.P., Sarsembekov T.T. 2012. 

Development of Mechanical Engineering in the EDB Member States. December 2012. EDB Sector report no.16

Integration Processes in the Electric Power Sectors of the EDB Member States. July 2012. EDB Sector report no.15

Small Hydropower in the CIS: Current Status and Development Prospects. January 2012. EDB Sector report no.14

Developing EurAsEC’s Air Transport Potential. October 2011. EDB Sector report no.13

The Investment Aspect of the Region’s Water Sector Development. April 2011. EDB Sector report no.12

Russian and Kazakhstani Nuclear Energy: Trends in Economic Cooperation. January 2011. EDB Sector report no.11

The Stock Markets of Russia and Kazakhstan: Prospects for Integration. November 2010. EDB Sector report no.10
Report Summary (530 KB)

Integration Processes in CIS Telecommunications Sector. October 2010. EDB Industry Report no.9.

Space Industry in CIS Countries: Prospects of Cooperation. September 2010. EDB Industry Report no.8.

Economic Cooperation in Agricultural Sector of CIS Countries. March 2010. EDB Industry Report no.7.

The impact of climate change on water resources in Central Asia. September 2009. EDB Industry Report no.6.

The EurAsEC Transport Corridors. April 2009. EDB Industry Report no. 5.

The Eurasian Development Bank’s investment policy and the environment. February 2009. EDB Industry Report no.4.

The CIS Common Electric Power Market. EDB Industry Report no.3.

Water and Energy Resources in Central Asia: Utilization and Development Issues. April 2008. EDB Industry Report no.2.

Nuclear Energy Complexes of Russia and Kazakhstan: Development and Cooperation Prospects. Аpril 2008. EDB Industry Report no.1.

EDB Analytical Reports, available in Russian and/or English, can be purchased at RBC or by contacting EDB.

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